Tahanna Adkins, Accounting Assistant II

304.558.0281 ext. 266
304.558.0259 (fax)
Cindy Anderson

Cindy Anderson, Director of Administrative Services

304.558.4016 ext. 203
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Sharad Aryal, Senior Programmer/Developer

304.558.1112 ext. 314
David Bennett

David Bennett, Director of Information Systems

304.558.1112 ext. 339
Mary Blashford

Mary Blashford, Director of Procurement

304.558.0281 ext. 241
Laura Boone

Laura Boone, Director of Health Sciences Programs

304.558.0530 ext. 279

Marilyn Bowe, Grants Resource Associate

304.558.0281 ext. 334
Annette Carpenter

Annette Carpenter, Fiscal and Administrative Services Manager

Trish Clay

Trish Clay, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

304.558.2104 ext. 262
L.G. Corder

L.G. Corder, Director of Veterans Education and Training Programs

304.558.0263 ext. 248

Bruce Cottrill, Director of Classification and Compensation

304.558.2104 ext. 238
Daniel Crockett

Daniel Crockett, Director of Student and Educational Services

304.558.0655 ext. 323
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Jelayne Crosier

Jelayne Crosier, Executive Administrative Assistant

304.558.0261 ext. 202
Corley Dennison

Dr. Corley Dennison, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

304.558.0261 ext. 237
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Rich Donovan

Richard Donovan, Senior Director of Facilities

304.558.0281 ext. 212
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Rhonda Dunn, Senior Programmer/Developer

304.558.1112 ext. 324
Clark Egnor

Dr. Clark Egnor, Director of International Programs

304.558.0261 ext. 290

Dr. Keri Ferro, Director of Statewide Academic Initiatives

304.558.0261 ext. 240

Dawn George, Assistant Attorney General

Molly George

Molly George, Board and Operations Coordinator

304.558.0699, ext. 245
Adam Green

Dr. Adam S. Green, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

304.558.0655 ext. 284
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Vickie Hairston, Human Resources Representative Senior

304.558.2104 ext. 227

Rachel Hicks, Community Outreach Specialist

Paul Hill

Dr. Paul L. Hill, Chancellor

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Brandon Hughes

Brandon Hughes, Coordinator of Technology and Digital Outreach

304.558.0655 ext. 201

Chris Jarrett, Senior IT Systems Administrator

304.558.0699 ext. 272

Judy Kee Smith, Statewide Coordinator

304.558.4618 ext. 322
Jessica Kennedy

Jessica Kennedy, Senior Director of Communications

304.558.0655 ext. 259
Jim King

Jim King, Director of Design and Planning

304.558.0281 ext. 206

Mary Beth Kitchen, Accountant Senior

304.558.0281 ext. 318

Candace Kraus, Deputy General Counsel

304.558.2102 ext. 229
Christina Lewis

Christina Lewis, Director of Finance and Grants Compliance

304.558.0281 ext. 335

Brian Lutz, Assistant Attorney General

304.558.2102 ext. 236

Jason (JR) Luyster, College Access and Success Program Director


Dr. Ed Magee, Vice Chancellor for Finance

304.558.0281 ext. 274
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Elizabeth Manuel

Elizabeth Manuel, College Access and Success Program Director

Karen Martin

Karen Martin, Administrative Assistant Senior

304.558.4618 ext. 271
Heather McChesney

Heather McChesney, Coordinator of Curriculum and Professional Development

304.558.0655 ext. 264

Kristi McWhirter, Assistant Attorney General (Glenville-based)

304.462.7361 ext. 6115

Patty Miller, Budget Officer

304.558.0281 ext. 247

Dakota Morris, Coordinator of Grants and Research Evaluation

304.558.0530 ext. 256
Lisa Moten

Lisa Moten, Director of the Erma Byrd Higher Education Center

304.256.0220 ext. 227
Maria Nova

Maria Nova, Executive Secretary to the Chancellor


Dan O'Hanlon, Vice Chancellor for Technology/WVNET Director

 Tana Pendell

Tana Pendell Mounts, Program Administrator

304.558.4618 ext. 316
Autumn Perry

Autumn Perry, Coordinator of College Access and Success Programs


Drema Pierson, Administrator, Center for Nursing

304.558.0838 ext. 319
Amanda Ramey

Amanda Ramey, Communications Manager

Jeannie Reed

Jeannie Reed, Institutional Research Analyst, Senior

304.558.1112 ext. 260

Lisa Romeo, Administrative Associate

304.558.0263 ext. 321

Jan Ruge, Program Manager

304.558.4618 ext. 278
Jack Smith

Dr. Jack Smith, Cyberinfrastructure Coordinator

Chad Scott

Chad Scott, Senior Programmer/Developer

304.558.1112 ext. 324

John Signore, Accountant Senior

304.558.0281 ext. 215

Sam Spatafore, Assistant Attorney General (Morgantown-based)


Kathryn Staats, Administrative Associate

304.558.4618 ext. 313
Mark Stotler

Dr. Mark Stotler, Director of Academic Programming

304.558.0262 ext. 218
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Jan Taylor

Dr. Jan Taylor, Director of the Division of Science and Research


Victoria Timbers, Office Administrator

304.558.2102 ext. 268
Christopher Treadway

Dr. Chris Treadway, Research and Policy Analyst

304.558.1112 ext. 269
Matt Turner

Matt Turner, Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration

304.558.4016 ext. 230
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Deloris Vance, Program Assistant II

304.558.0281 ext. 270
Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker, General Counsel

304.558.2102 ext. 221
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Celia Wallace, Accountant, Senior

304.558.0281 ext. 207
Dr. Robert Walker

Dr. Robert Walker, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences


Carrie Watters, Program Specialist

304.558.4618 ext. 315

Therasa Webb, Program Coordinator, Senior

304.558.2104 ext. 338
Brian Weingart

Brian Weingart, Senior Director of Financial Aid

304.558.4618 ext. 234
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Pam Woods, SLED Project Manager

304.558.1112 ext. 210