Financial Aid


The Office of Financial Aid and Outreach Services coordinates state-level student financial aid programs, serving as a resource for institutional and external grants, scholarships, loans, and student work-study programs across West Virginia’s higher education system. In addition to administering all state-funded financial aid programs, the office assists students in fulfilling their academic aspirations through outreach programs aimed at educating them and their families about financial aid opportunities.


Financial aid hotline: 877-987-7664

304-558-4618 (office)  |  855-292-1415 (fax)  |  1018 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV

Office suite: Boulevard Tower, 5th floor

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Brian Weingart

Brian Weingart, Senior Director of Financial Aid

304-558-4618 ext. 234
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Judy Kee Smith, Statewide Coordinator

304-558-4618 ext. 322

Michelle Marlowe, WV Educational Loan Program Administrator

304-558-4618 ext. 226

Karen Martin, Administrative Assistant Senior

304-558-4618 ext. 271

Sarah Musgrave, WV Invests Grant Program Administrator

304-558-4618 ext. 278
 Tana Pendell

Tana Pendell Mounts, Program Administrator

304-558-4618 ext. 316

Kathryn Staats, Administrative Associate

304-558-4618 ext. 313