Financial Aid


The Office of Financial Aid and Outreach Services coordinates state-level student financial aid programs, serving as a resource for institutional and external grants, scholarships, loans, and student work-study programs across West Virginia’s higher education system. In addition to administering all state-funded financial aid programs, the office assists students in fulfilling their academic aspirations through outreach programs aimed at educating them and their families about financial aid opportunities.


Financial aid hotline: 888.825.5707

304.558.4618 (office)  |  304.558.4622 (fax)  |  1018 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV

Office suite: Boulevard Tower, 5th floor

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Brian Weingart

Brian Weingart, Senior Director of Financial Aid

304.558.4618 ext. 234
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August Kafer, Financial Aid Outreach Counselor

304.558.4618 ext. 258

Judy Kee Smith, Statewide Coordinator

304.558.4618 ext. 322

Karen Martin, Administrative Assistant Senior

304.558.4618 ext. 271
 Tana Pendell

Tana Pendell Mounts, Program Administrator

304.558.4618 ext. 316

Jan Ruge, Program Manager

304.558.4618 ext. 278

Kathryn Staats, Administrative Associate

304.558.4618 ext. 313

Carrie Watters, Program Specialist

304.558.4618 ext. 315