Sarah Tucker

Dr. Sarah Armstrong Tucker, Chancellor

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Cindy Anderson, Director of Administrative Services

304-558-4016 ext. 26347
304-558-5719 (fax)
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Heather Arnett, WV First2 Network Program Coordinator

Photo of Melanie Baker

Melanie Baker, Research and Policy Analyst

304-558-1112 ext. 26352
David Bennett

David Bennett, Director of Information Systems

304-558-1112 ext. 26353
304-558-4820 (fax)

Kristin Boggs, General Counsel

304-558-2102 ext. 26348

Hannah Canady, Accountant

304-558-0281 ext. 26382
Carolyn Canini

Carolyn Canini, Director of Behavioral Health Programs

304-558-0530 ext. 26391

Annette Carpenter, Fiscal and Administrative Services Manager

304-558-4128 ext. 26321
304-558-2321 (fax)
Mallory Carpenter

Mallory Carpenter, College Access and Success Program Director

Janine Coutu

Janine Coutu, College Access and Success Program Director

304-558-0655 ext. 26402
304-558-0658 (fax)

Devin Conroy, Programmer/Developer

304-558-1112 ext. 26340
304-558-4820 (fax)
Jelayne Crosier

Jelayne Crosier, Executive Administrative Assistant

304-558-0261 ext. 26368
304-558-0089 (fax)

Corley Dennison, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


Shelley DeLuca, Statewide Longitudinal Education Data Project Manager

Nichole Dunkin

Nichole Donahue-Dunkin, Coordinator of Upward Bound Math and Science Program

304-558-0655 ext. 21881

Clark Egnor, Director of International Programs


Alicia Frey, Associate Director of Institutional Financial Aid

304-558-4614 ext. 45560

Jessica Frye, Program Specalist, Veterans’ Education and Training Programs

Kaci Foster

Kaci Foster, Community Outreach and Engagement Specialist

304-558-0655 ext. 26403

Jeannette Geib, Programmer / Developer

304-558-1112 ext. 26376
Molly George

Molly George Cassis, Board and Operations Coordinator

304-558-0699, ext. 26343

Dr. Zornitsa Georgieva, Senior Director of Research

304-558-1112 ext. 26318

Sarah Griffith, West Virginia Invests Program Manager

Jennifer Grossman

Dr. Jennifer Grossman, Director of Research and Analysis

304-558-0655 ext. 26404

Vickie Hairston, Human Resources Representative Senior

304-558-2104 ext. 26361
304-558-4306 (fax)
Emily Hammond

Emily Hammond, Assistant Director of Communications and Outreach

304-558-0655 ext. 56071
Brandon Hughes

Brandon Hughes, Coordinator of Technology and Digital Outreach

304-558-0655 ext. 26378
304-558-0658 (fax)

Patricia Humphries, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

304-558-2104 ext. 26360
304-558-4306 (fax)
Jade Irving

Jade Irving, Senior Project Officer

304-558-0699 ext. 26333

Katie Jarrell, Communications Coordinator

304-558-0699 ext. 26326

Chris Jarrett, Senior IT Systems Administrator

304-558-0699 ext. 26357
304-558-1011 (fax)

Judy Kee Smith, Statewide Coordinator

304-558-4618 ext. 26373
304-558-4622 (fax)

Lucy Kefauver, Director of Online Learning (WVROCKS)

304-558-0261 ext. 56072

Mary Beth Kitchen, Senior Accountant

304-558-0281 ext. 26383
304-558-0259 (fax)

Travis Knighton, Director of Facilities and Sustainability

304-558-0281 ext. 26384

Kenzie Kyle, Coordinator of Upward Bound Math and Science Programs

304-558-0655 ext. 45561
Candace Layne

Candace Layne, Behavioral Health Program Specialist

304-558-0838 ext. 5
Jason (JR) Luyster

Jason (JR) Luyster, Assistant Director of West Virginia GEAR UP

304-558-0655 ext. 26379
304-558-0658 (fax)
Elizabeth Manuel

Elizabeth Manuel, Senior Director of Student Services

304-558-0655 ext. 26377
304-558-0658 (fax)
Michelle Marlowe

Michelle Marlowe, WV Educational Loan Program Administrator

304-558-4618 ext. 226

Karen Martin, Administrative Assistant Senior

304-558-4618 ext. 26334
304-558-4622 (fax)

Amanda McCarty, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences

304-558-0530 ext. 26358
Heather McChesney

Heather McChesney, Director of Statewide Access Initiatives

304-558-0655 ext. 26405
304-558-0658 (fax)

Joshua McClung, Financial Reporting Manager

304-558-0281 ext. 26329
Rikki McCormick

Rikki McCormick, Director of Veterans’ Education and Training Program

304-558-0263 ext. 26370

Kristi McWhirter, Assistant Attorney General (Glenville-based)

304-462-7361 ext. 6115
304-558-4820 (fax)

Gretchen Murphy, Assistant Attorney General

304-558-2102 ext. 26241

Sarah Musgrave, Promise Scholarship Program Manager

304-558-4618 ext. 26398

Jodi Oliveto, Senior Policy and Program Officer


Christopher Pavelka, Program Coordinator, Accounts Payable

 Tana Pendell

Tana Pendell Mounts, Director of State Financial Aid Programs

304-558-4618 ext. 26375
304-558-4622 (fax)
Autumn Perry

Autumn Perry, Program Director of Student Services

304-558-0658 (fax)

Meredith Peters, Accounting Clerk II

304-558-0281 ext. 26381

Carrie Ponder, Compliance Officer, Proprietary School Programs and Authorization

681-313-2290 ext. 26369

Misty Price, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Facilities

Jeannie Reed, Institutional Research Analyst, Senior

304-558-1112 ext. 26356
304-558-4820 (fax)

Jordyn Reed, Administrator, WV Center for Nursing

304-558-0838 ext. 26393

Dr. Janet Rorrer, Associate Director, Science, Technology and Research

304-558-4128 ext. 26322

Sara Rose, College Access Outreach Counselor

304-558-4618 ext. 58191

Tira Runyon, Director of TRIO Programs

304-558-0655 ext. 45572

Michelle Ruppert, Health Sciences Program Administrator

304-558-0530 ext. 26392
Joanne Rutherford

Joanne Rutherford, Coordinator of Fiscal and Administrative Services

304-558-0655 ext. 26380

Pina Sangani, Sponsored Programs Administrator

304-558-0281 ext. 26385

Chad Scott, Senior Systems Analyst


Zachary Scott, College Access Outreach Counselor

304-558-4618 ext. 26400
Juliana Serafin

Dr. Juliana Serafin, Director of the Division of Science and Research

304-558-4128 ext. 26349
John Signore

John Signore, Director of Accounting

304-558-0281 ext. 26387
304-558-0259 (fax)

Kelley Smith, Director of Procurement

304-558-0281 ext. 26388
304-558-0259 (fax)

Kerry Goto, Program Assistant - TRIO Programs


Sam Spatafore, Assistant Attorney General (Morgantown-based)

304-558-4820 (fax)

Kathryn Staats, Administrative Associate

304-558-4618 ext. 26335
304-558-4622 (fax)
Angela Sundstrom

Angela Sundstrom, Communications Manager

304-558-4128 ext. 26323
304-558-2321 (fax)

Lesli Taylor, Assistant Director of Research and Evaluation

304-558-0655 ext. 09997

Victoria Timbers, Office Administrator

304-558-2102 ext. 26324
304-558-4820 (fax)
Jessica Tice

Jessica Tice, Senior Director of Communications

304-558-0699 ext. 26345
Jerry Tucker

Jerry Tucker, Information Systems Technician

Matt Turner

Matt Turner, Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration

304-558-4016 ext. 26346
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Deloris Vance

Deloris Vance, Business and Grants Coordinator

304-558-0530 ext. 26359

Matthew Walker, Financial Aid Coordinator

304-558-4618 ext. 26399

Therasa Webb, Program Coordinator, Senior

304-558-2104 ext. 26363
304-558-4306 (fax)
Brian Weingart

Brian Weingart, Senior Director of Financial Aid

304-558-4618 ext. 26372
304-558-4622 (fax)
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Taran Wolford

Taran Wolford, Director of Classification and Compensation

304-558-2104, ext. 26363

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