Chancellor's Scholars Registry

The Chancellor’s Scholars Program

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission has been proud to support the Chancellor’s Scholars Program to increase the numbers of underrepresented students pursuing and succeeding in earning doctoral degrees that lead to faculty careers at higher education institutions in West Virginia.  Through this program, we are committed to supporting these aspiring scholars’ academic success and encouraging their dedication to pursuing careers in the Mountain State.

Through the Chancellor’s Scholars Program, campuses are encouraged to:

  • Partner with other campuses to support and expand upon existing minority faculty diversity efforts;
  • Provide opportunities for underrepresented populations for graduate assistantships, scholarships, and other opportunities to engage in academic experiences;
  • Provide multi-layered support beyond academic and financial assistance, through mentoring and networking opportunities; and
  • Establish a framework for the long-term continuation of minority faculty diversity efforts.

Employment Registry

The Chancellor’s Scholars Employment Registry is a collaborative effort with Marshall University and West Virginia University sponsored by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. The information below is shared with the purpose of identifying possible candidates for employment opportunities with colleges or universities in West Virginia.  To contact a scholar regarding employment opportunities, please email