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The Division of Research and Analysis is the data, reporting, and research department of the Commission. Consisting of researchers and data programmers, the division is responsible for collecting data from West Virginia public postsecondary institutions (and to a smaller extent private non-profit institutions) for use in annual statutory reporting to the West Virginia Legislature, providing information to education stakeholders and the public, and conducting research to inform the work of the Commission and the Council for Community and Technical College Education. The Division also facilitates the submission of West Virginia postsecondary data to external entities such as the federal government and the Southern Regional Education Board.

Other division initiatives include the state P20 longitudinal data system, development and implementation of the system’s new master plan, and scholarly papers to inform educational practices in the state.


304-558-1112 (office)  |  304-558-4820 (fax)  |  1018 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV

Office suites: Boulevard Tower, 8th & 5th floors


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Photo of Melanie Baker

Melanie Baker, Research and Policy Analyst

304-558-1112 ext. 26352
Photo of David Bennett

David Bennett, Director of Information Systems

304-558-1112 ext. 26353

Devin Conroy, Programmer/Developer

304-558-1112 ext. 26340

Shelley DeLuca, Statewide Longitudinal Education Data Project Manager


Jeannette Geib, Programmer / Developer
Photo of Dr. Zornitsa Georgieva

Dr. Zornitsa Georgieva, Director of Research and Analysis

304-558-1112 ext. 26318
Jennifer Grossman

Dr. Jennifer Grossman, Director of Research and Analysis

304-558-0655 ext. 26404

Jeannie Reed, Institutional Research Analyst, Senior

304-558-1112 ext. 26356

Chad Scott, Senior Systems Analyst