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15 to Finish website: http://cfwvconnect.com/15-to-finish/

Taking 15 credit hours or more per semester is essential to completing a degree “on time” – within two years for a two-year degree or four years for a four-year degree. But too few students are taking this full course load because they don’t realize what it means for timely degree completion, and oftentimes they aren’t encouraged to take 15 credit hours because of worries that their academic achievement will decline.

Not only does taking this full course load increase the likelihood that a student will graduate on time, research has shown taking 15 credit hours actually improves academic outcomes. In addition, research has shown it reduces student loan debt, saves students money on tuition, and improves their employment prospects by allowing them to begin their professional careers as soon as possible.

To promote on-time degree completion and student success, the Higher Education Policy Commission and its partners have launched a public awareness and information campaign called "15 to Finish."* The goal is to inform students of the importance and benefits of enrolling in and completing at least 15 credit hours every semester.

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*15 to Finish is a registered trademark of the University of Hawaii System and is being used by West Virginia with permission through the Complete College America initiative.