Finance and Facilities


The Division of Finance and Facilities provides strategic guidance on state-level policies and coordination in the areas of finance, appropriation request preparation, purchasing, facilities planning and capital project management, and system-level capital bonding and debt management. The division conducts fiscal analyses and provides financial information to the executive and legislative branches of state government.


304.558.0281 (office)  |  304.558.0259 (fax)  |  1018 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV

Office suite: Boulevard Tower, 7th floor

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Dr. Ed Magee, Vice Chancellor for Finance

304.558.0281 ext. 274
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Tahanna Adkins, Accounting Assistant II

304.558.0281 ext. 266
Mary Blashford

Mary Blashford, Director of Procurement

304.558.0281 ext. 241

Marilyn Bowe, Grants Resource Associate

304.558.0281 ext. 334
Rich Donovan

Richard Donovan, Senior Director of Facilities

304.558.0281 ext. 212
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Jim King

Jim King, Director of Design and Planning

304.558.0281 ext. 206

Mary Beth Kitchen, Accountant Senior

304.558.0281 ext. 318
Christina Lewis

Christina Lewis, Director of Finance and Grants Compliance

304.558.0281 ext. 335

Patty Miller, Budget Officer

304.558.0281 ext. 247

John Signore, Accountant Senior

304.558.0281 ext. 215

Deloris Vance, Program Coordinator

304.558.0281 ext. 270

Celia Wallace, Accountant, Senior

304.558.0281 ext. 207