Finance and Facilities


The Division of Finance and Facilities provides strategic guidance on state-level policies and coordination in the areas of finance, appropriation request preparation, purchasing, facilities planning and capital project management, and system-level capital bonding and debt management. The division conducts fiscal analyses and provides financial information to the executive and legislative branches of state government.


304-558-0281 (office)  |  304-558-0259 (fax)  |  1018 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV

Office suite: Boulevard Tower, 7th floor

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Dr. Ed Magee, Vice Chancellor for Finance

304-558-0281 ext. 274
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Tahanna Adkins, Accounting Assistant II

304-558-0281 ext. 266

Mary Blashford, Director of Procurement

304-558-0281 ext. 241

Marilyn Bowe, Grants Resource Associate

304-558-0281 ext. 334

Mary Beth Kitchen, Accountant Senior

304-558-0281 ext. 318
Christina Lewis

Christina Lewis, Director of Finance and Grants Compliance

304-558-0281 ext. 335

Patty Miller, Budget Officer

304-558-0281 ext. 247

John Signore, Accountant Senior

304-558-0281 ext. 215

Deloris Vance, Program Coordinator

304-558-0281 ext. 270