West Virginia Students and Educators Attend 2013 Student Success Summit

Article: WBOY

The State Department of Education, community college system, and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission collaborate for the Student Success Summit.

The Summit looks at the education system from elementary school through college. Its goal is to better serve students so they’re more likely to finish high school and go into post-secondary training. Students and educators from around the state attended the event, started August 5 and will continue August 6.

Scott High School Higher Education Readiness Officers, or HEROs, went to learn how to better their outreach program lead by students.

“We want to get a college going culture into our community and through out school,” said Kendyl Ryan, a Scott High School Senior and member of HEROs. “Because we do live in a rural area, so we want to promote kids going on to college. Not just college but post secondary education.”

There are a number of courses for people to take and learn about.

“We have 64 break out sessions,” said Adam Green, from the West Virginia High Education Policy Commission. “Those are sessions ranging on what you need to do in elementary school to get your kids already started thinking about college to the best way to get students to move through the pipeline once they are already enrolled on college.” Read the full story »