Workforce Summit for EMS and Behavioral Health Leaders and Educators

The 2022 Summit brought together stakeholders and leaders in behavioral health education, emergency medical services, and workforce development to strengthen partnerships and collect feedback to help shape ongoing efforts to grow the state’s behavioral health and EMS workforces through the educational pipeline. The emergency medical services and behavioral health systems are closely interdependent, with workforce gaps in each of these systems causing real impact on the other system. Real partnerships can benefit both systems. The summit included updates on behavioral health workforce supply and demand and data from the recent EMS workforce survey, as well discussions on making positive change toward the mental health of EMS workers, promising pipeline work in behavioral health, and how the two systems can collaborate to strengthen their workforces.

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Roadmap to Behavioral Health Careers in West Virginia

This virtual conference provides students at the high school, undergraduate or graduate levels with information and tools to help in their exploration and pursuit of a career path in counseling, social work, psychology, and other behavioral health careers requiring advanced education.

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Videos cover the following topics:

  • Explore Educational Programs at WV Colleges and Universities
  • Counseling Students Discuss their Pathways
  • Psychology Students Discuss their Pathways
  • Social Work Students Discuss their Pathways
  • Professionals Discuss their Pathways
  • Understanding Behavioral Health Workforce Data

Conference Handouts and Presentations